Why is a stream so important these days?

Hoozin offers an out-of-the-box collaboration engine that improves productivity with its collaborative intranet and social communities. The community experience is further enhanced with many great collaboration applications that can be easily plugged in from the Hoozin App catalog.

Hoozin’s collaboration software has two families of landing pages: Hoozin Intranet and Hoozin Digital Workplace. With Hoozin you can use widgets to build an entire ecosystem of landing pages for either your Intranet or for the Digital Workplace.

Going back to the title of this blog let’s address “Why is a stream so important these days?” Putting a stream directly on your corporate landing page is much more of a cultural decision than a technical one.

What are the pro and cons for having a stream on your landing page? At Hoozin we see mostly pros. First there is the metrical argument. There are over 2 billion Facebook users using the stream concept for hours per day. They are entirely programmed for it. There is no learning curve needed to understand the concept of a stream. Although Facebook is not a collaboration tool, let alone a Digital Workplace, it did program users to consume information in a more agile and social way using the concept of an information stream as a way to consume information.

We think you should leverage those existing habits and inject them in the workplace. A social stream is just another building block of collaboration and adoption. End users can see the stream and its notifications directly on their mobile device. Posts in project or department communities become very visible.  Don’t worry that people will post photos of their lunch– they have Facebook for that.  Our experience has shown that a social stream in the workplace is used for that– work.

Still, some Hoozin customers feel the stream is ‘too much like Facebook’ and that their organizational culture isn’t ready for that.  We fully understand this sentiment.  For some organizational cultures this is not a good fit. For this reason the stream can be added or removed from the landing page in a click.

Reach out to any of our consultants in the USA (Dallas) or Europe (France). We will be most glad to make a PDF design for you that can serve as great inspiration.

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