Migrating away from Jive? Come to Hoozin

Has the time finally come where your organization is thinking that it is time to move away from Jive Software?  Are rumors floating that perhaps renewing your Jive Software is not the given it once was?  Hoozin is an evolutionary leap forward from Jive Software. It is the next evolution in collaboration, cost reduction, and enhanced user experience. If you’re a Jive Software customer, you will see quickly the benefits of switching to Hoozin.

Both Hoozin and Jive Software are community driven. Communities are the back bone of collaboration and productivity. This is the center of team work, document management and agile information sharing. However, Jive Software and Hoozin are not at all the same in terms of user experience.

Contrary to Jive Software, Hoozin has a very strong Office 365 integration plan. We want users to adopt and boost the Office 365 consumption. By combining key assets from Office 365 along with the next generation user experience, web responsive design, and a rich application store there is a noticeable increase in real adoption. As our regular readers know, Hoozin believes that user adoption comes BEFORE increased productivity. If nobody uses your Intranet or digital workplace work will remain stuck in to the old school email. But Hoozin customers find that is not the case for them as digital transformation is happening now and moving full steam ahead in multiple organizations.



Moving from Jive Software to Hoozin is a strategic upgrade for your business users. This is the most important goal.

There is a feeling of uncertainty about Jive Software. The license price is high and the innovation is perceived as low.

Hoozin is the next evolution of innovation, collaboration, digital workplace and Office 365 integration.

How hard is it to migrate from Jive Software to Hoozin? A lot of work can be reduced by doing a thorough and deep Jive assessment. How is your business really using it? A good Jive audit will discover the number of spaces, groups and projects. Find out the size of the Jive content. Is it 2, 3 or 10 TB? Determine the real active users. Define what an active user is. Is tagging of content being used and are there any Jive apps being used? Hoozin can help you determine the workload and effort to move from Jive Software to Hoozin digital workplace

Migrating from Jive to Hoozin cannot be done done overnight. It’s a project that requires careful planning and not to be taken lightly. But the end result is that you will have a high design platform allowing Office 365, Intranet and Digital Workplace to co-exist with effective collaboration and document management. Your users will love it.  When you prepare your project, you might want to use the Jive Software renewal contract date as a target. Doing this migration to Hoozin smart can save a lot of money and time.

Jive Migration to Hoozin Software is very specific to every customer and comes with its own individual complexity. Do reach out to us for an informal discussion in detail.


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