Digital Workplace now really taking off

Let's get integrated!

Here at Hoozin we see the Digital Workplace entering the minds of more and more organizations. But there is still confusion around Digital Workplace. Is it just about consolidating corporate Application assets? Not really. The Digital Workplace is an opportunity to connect all your past IT investments with all your future IT investments. Finally a single experience where all day to day work comes together. Bye bye silos!

Is it really that simple? To answer that we need to imagine some key requirements that are generally speaking the same everywhere.

  1. From your Digital Workplace you want to collaborate, be social, discover talent, use past experience from colleagues and you want to make on the fly communities where you can run Projects and achieve goals. All this needs to be easy to use and one single experience. Available in Cloud, on-premise, on mobile and highly secured.
  2. You need to be able to provide little ‘turbo’ Apps, to jump start people’s productivity in Communities. FAQ, Doc Management, Project, HelpDesk, Blog, Forum, etc. These Apps need to be cool and highly collaborative. They are used without training. They need to appear in the stream as a discussion if they are being used. Apps that talk? Yes it does exist:)
  3. You need to be able to integrate ‘as widgets’ all your existing Application assets such as email, calendar (that’s right, you should see Office 365 as just another silo), SAP,, One drive, People Soft and whatever the organization is already using in terms of Apps. There you go, all your past investments in Apps are now save and have been ‘de-silo’ed’.
  4. Getting new Apps and Business Processes in place? Make sure they appear in your Digital Workplace for the right audience to use them. Hey, you can now even ‘advertise’ your Apps for better adoption (read> higher productivity).
  5. At your own judgement you can still allow some corporate news to appear in the digital workplace. Why not have a special widget for that…

Many organizations forget point 1, point 2, lack of vision in point 4 and have Intranet in parallel for point 5.

We believe you need all 5 points to declare your organization ‘Digital Workplace Ninja’.


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