How Hoozin Helps Remote Work and Collaboration During COVID-19

hoozin remote work and collaboration

Before COVID-19 altered daily life, only a small percentage of employees around the world routinely worked remotely. While it was a convenient solution, office life was still the typical route for the vast majority of workers. Yet, as the global healthcare crisis took hold of the world, more and more companies began to promote remote work as an option for their teams. Anyone who wasn’t essential in the office should work from home. As a result, companies sought to create a digital workplace so their workflows could continue.  

To date, Hoozin has become a solution for many knowledge workers. Here’s how it’s making a difference in the digital workplace during COVID-19. 

1. It helps companies that are new to remote work

While some organizations have allowed a small percentage of their employees to work remotely for years, not all businesses were prepared to send their employees into the digital workplace so suddenly. Fortunately, Hoozin is a great starting place for those companies that are just beginning the digital transformation journey. Hoozin’s flexible design means that any business can customize it to fit their needs regardless of their starting point. 

2. It provides an agile way to stay connected

There are a number of different types of digital collaboration, and Hoozin provides them all to maximize collaboration. Studies have shown that remote workers are typically more productive because of their increased flexibility. Employees can create a schedule that works for them. They can discover the best tools. They can complete their work in a way that maximizes efficiency. These employees eliminate distractions. Hoozin’s Framework offers a myriad of personalization features that allow the consumption of information on any device. This means that remote workers can design their work environment and maximize workflow productivity regardless of the changes brought on by the coronavirus. 

3. It is a sustainable way to meet business goals

When you create a digital workplace with Hoozin, you build a sustainable way to meet your business goals. Having a fully integrated digital workplace improves your workflow, reduces costs, establishes competitive advantages, and meets specific business goals with custom enterprise apps. While remote work may feel like a temporary solution brought on by COVID-19, it’s likely that this style of work will stay well into the future. 

Thus, what you set up now during this time will become a sustainable way for you to meet business goals for years to come. Hoozin provides all the tools you need for digital collaboration. You can move at your own pace and customize it as needed. 

Final thoughts

 While COVID-19 brought on several unknowns in the working world, the future of work was already changing. The digital transformation has been taking place for years with Hoozin at the head of it. If you’ve been struggling to transition your workplace or your workflows aren’t what they could be, starting Hoozin’s free trial could be the optimal solution. 

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