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Last week Hoozin signed a Partner Agreement with EOH South Africa. At Hoozin we are determined to get an important footprint into the South African market. We believe that global diversification improves Customer retention, boosts new ideas and contributes to product development for all our Customers over the globe. Besides, the financial industry together with Manufacturing & Logistics is an opportunity in South Africa. Hoozin can help precisely those mentioned industries, to efficiently go through the much needed Digital Transformation. EOH has a market capitalization of over 60 million USD.

Partners like EOH add tremendous value to Hoozin and it’s Customers. EOH is a global organization, active in over 134 locations throughout South Africa and over 50 countries internationally. With 134 points of presence in South Africa and Africa, EOH is able to deliver services to customers across all major industries.

Key Industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Public Sector
  • Mining
  • Retail
Digital Africa

Hoozin has been expending it’s Partner network with a very specific methodology. Those that represent Hoozin are an integrated part of the Hoozin knowledge center and Customer support center. Providing Hoozin Digital Workplaces, Intranets, Workflows and new Widgets is often a complex and tailored process. Together with EOH, Hoozin is now able to provide solutions for the 3 key areas it works in: Digital Workplace, Intranets and O365 increased productivity.

Hoozin World

Hoozin leverages the Cloud on Microsoft Azure or it can provide on premises installations. The latter is often required for Financial and Government Industries. The actual deployments, specific requests and Project management is in the save hands of EOH South Africa.

Hoozin is a platform that covers many different requirements that always need to be wrapped in high design for improved adoption. We provide Hoozin Applications, Hoozin Widgets and all the standard assets required for modern Collaboration, Communication and Integration.

hoozin Widgets

Together with EOH South Africa, we can help organizations audit their Digital Transformation and HR challenges. These audits are always following ideas and solutions and of course execution. We are always involving the right stakeholders during the strategic thinking phase.

Hoozin Intranet-Digital Workplace-min

Whether you use on premises infra or are fully Cloud based, with Hoozin you have the right platform to build a next generation Collaborative Portal.

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