A call to our Hoozin Partners

Hoozin works more and more with Partners to achieve faster and more complete Customer satisfaction. Our recent Customer wins came from Partners that sponsor the Hoozin concept and know better then us the Customer pain and requirements. Hoozin was working with Partners a bit on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. That was ok until it got a bit ‘busy’ with Partners. We knew the time has come to put in place a proper Partner Strategy. So today we work with 3 types of Partners:

  • Agnostic Ambassadors> Agnostic because we wan’t to be one of the many different solutions. This is mostly for Consultants or organizations that help discover the best collaboration strategy for their Customers. They provide research, change management services and technology consulting. Their goal is to find the best methodology for their Customers to achieve better employee experience, increase corporate reputation and boost employee collaboration.
  • Resellers> These organizations know how to also manage the technical side of things as well. They can handle on premises installations, apply branding, design, etc. Our resellers that have high technical knowledge and staffing to deploy, manage, administrate and modify the Hoozin Technology. They are also the first line of Support and Technical change requests. Hoozin and resellers often collaborate within Customer Projects. These resellers have official reseller agreements with Hoozin. They get training and are part of the select group that can submit innovation requests.
  • Integrators> These integrators often serve the Fortune 1000 organizations in the world. Large, well established worldwide deployed organizations that represent Hoozin as a mission or as part of a bigger mission with their Customers. Hoozin is often seen by integrators as an innovation driver for their multinational Customers.

We like to think we have put some order in our Partner Strategy. But who are we to judge? Your feedback is most welcome!

More on our Partner Page here: https://www.hoozin.com/partners/


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