Digital Workplace

Gartner describes the digital workplace as “a business strategy for promoting employee effectiveness and engagement through a more consumer-like computing environment.” According to Gartner, mobile, information, cloud, and social are acting as a catalyst for consumerization, but when it comes to their employees, most businesses are responding to these trends in a fragmentary way — piece by piece.

How is Hoozin helpful in your Digital Workplace evolution?

  • Hoozin is an out of the box social and collaboration solution.
  • Hoozin is the foundation for building a Digital Workplace. This is a never ending process with an ever changing destination and thus requires a super flexible integration platform.
  • Hoozin is ‘widget’ based. We integrate with exceptional user experience across all your current assets (, SAP, Oracle, O365, home grown Apps, etc).
  • We think Digital Workplace is an evolutionary step from the classic Intranet. We are Intranet experts.
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace allows communication and employee engagement.
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace is centered around collaboration.
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace enables locating and sharing information and knowledge
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace connects all your business applications (process specific tools and employee self-service)
  • Hoozin Digital Workplace boosts agile working — the ability to be productive any time and place (and on any device!).

Your Digital Workplace must have a rich set of functionalities that function straight out of the box.

  • Access to the portal by default (typically through SSO or AD synchronization)
  • Look and feel like a modern application
  • Search
  • Targeted content
  • Personalized content
  • Employee Profile
  • Search for Employees
  • Collaborative Workplaces (communities)
  • Sharing & Tagging
  • Surveys (for animation and adoption)
  • User adoption reporting
  • SDK to build your own apps
  • Widgets (for personalization of the landing pages)
  • Notification center (drive response to actions)
  • Twitter feed (can also be internal information stream such as SAP, or any other existing system)
  • Shortcuts (help user in daily work)
  • Multiple highlights of information
  • Community creation with security
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Management
  • Deep security settings
  • Complete Application Store

Our Vision

  • Make on-premises to Cloud easy
  • Allow easy hybrid usage of on-premises and Cloud
  • Move from Intranet Culture to Digital Workplace, as we guide you along the process.
  • Hoozin offers a large variety of business processes in an “app store” format.
  • Shifting focus from ‘Socializing the organization’ to ‘Socializing Applications and Business Processes’
  • We see your Intranet as the beginning of an evolving process