The road to success for Social Intranets is the end user experience.

The title says it all. In other words, what matters are the people using the Social Intranet. They are the ones that determine success, so we should serve them with great caution and empathy.

In today’s world we simply can no longer ignore the need for excellent UX. By mixing rich functionalities, mobile strategy and excellent UX, the chances of successful adoption will raise substantially. Tools and processes that ‘don’t look good’ or are ‘complicated’ to operate, will simply be left alone. It must be emphasized that excellent UX is part of the magic mix of success. Sadly some organizations see Collaboration as ‘just another box to click’. Perhaps it is good to give the end user experience some extra attention, no matter how intangible that might feel. When going forward, think of the following:

  • Innovation (this often excludes the bigger Vendors)
  • Cloud/On premises capabilities (should also include a future move to Cloud that is painless)
  • Collaboration capabilities (easy, without heavy E-learning efforts)
  • Social functionalities (agile features allowing better and faster employee connections)
  • Mobile device compatibility (Should cover ANY device with ANY browser)
  • Excellent UX design capabilities (This is important and should not be done through endless services iterations)
  • Avoid a set of silos…

In my next post I will go a bit deeper in how End User Experience is effecting Office 365 adoption and deployment.

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