Social Intranet and Collaboration

The Hoozin Social Intranet delivers a high design Intranet ‘out of the box’ right to your digital employees. Because users demand consumer style solutions and design, Hoozin has a strong focus on user experience and practical use cases. The landing page of the Hoozin Social Intranet is highly flexible. The Hoozin CMS allows publishing news, events, and emergency announcements. Integrated into this, Hoozin Social Intranet also provides many ‘self-service’ widgets such as Helpdesk, FAQ, Video, and Survey. Last but not least, Hoozin is entirely community centric. The business can operate fully on a community basis, making collaboration agile, fast and easy. If reducing internal email and boosting knowledge management is a mission, you will enjoy the Hoozin solution.

Hoozin Social Intranet Example

Hoozin separates itself from other Intranet approaches. Hoozin has a strong focus on combining social behavior, collaboration, and smart landing pages. Combining these 3 elements allow employees to not only consume better top down corporate information but to also work in a more collaborative manner among themselves. We want to improve collaboration among people, departments and even external users such as Vendors and Customers.

Why is digital collaboration important?

With the Hoozin Social Intranet and Collaboration, we aim to liberate your employees that might be trapped in silos, separated by department, geography, or consume in their own kingdom, random non-compliant tools. When digital workers are disconnected, they might be, disengaged, and less able to collaborate, get things done, share knowledge, and share their ideas with others. With the Hoozin Social Intranet and Collaboration, you can move away from the above negative impact on your organization.  Digital collaboration transforms your company culture into a unified force by connecting your people, departments, information, and even Vendors and Customers one convenient digital space. For example, did you know classical Intranets are for 75% used only for HR topics? With Hoozin Social Intranet and Collaboration we want to boost productivity for all department and all business topics. The Business use case for Hoozin is holistic and not only focused on top down information.

When Social Intranet meets collaboration

Traditional intranets have narrow authorship restricted to a handful of people with official “editor” permissions. These days we also see that, sadly, organizations attempt to build Intranets on poor user experience platforms. User experience is nevertheless an absolute key driver for adoption. Only tools that get adopted, will drive in the end better communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Hoozin Social Intranet and Collaboration is built around people requirements. Hoozin enables widespread participation and interaction by allowing all employees to author rich content. The Hoozin Social Intranet and collaboration connect every piece of information to a living, breathing person, and help people connect with each other. The “people layer” serves the entire site and makes every page more human.

Hoozin is out of the box

Hoozin provides public, private and hidden spaces for teams, departments, projects, or committees to collaborate. Hoozin empowers employees to communicate, coordinate group efforts, collaborate on documents and share information. Employees can have open communications to connect, learn, and share. Including the ability to like, rate, and comment on others posts. All Hoozin communities can be public, secured or hidden. @mention, ratings are all standard features.

Hoozin is multi language. Upon request, we can add quickly and in an agile manner new languages to our language pack. The languages we support today are: English, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai. Languages can be changed with one click.

Collaborating with external users

Hoozin has a strong strategy to allow external users to communities. The way these are managed is extensive and also subject to ‘smart security’. Many organizations use Hoozin to Collaborate with Vendors and Customers in Project Communities.

Collaboration with external users Collaboration with external users 2

Hoozin CMS

Hoozin provides an extensive CMS. It can be used quickly and easily, but if need be it also provides some very powerful tools to add more complexity and design. Elements, forms, and code are some examples.

Hoozin CMS

News publishing can be done scheduled and with approval processes. Hoozin can target content based on different audiences. These audiences can be set up manually or they can be set up by rules and available primmer. We can interface dedicated widgets for each audience, or we can make the carrousel automatically adapt to the end user profile.

Hoozin Audience Example

Reports and Metrics

Measuring user adoption, change management and overall ROI on the collaboration strategy is done through the Hoozin Reporting module. These reports deliver non a high level the needed insight on the change management progress that every organization should monitor and manage. These high-quality reports allow communication managers and stakeholders to better tune their adoption and change management strategy.

Reports and Metrics

Hoozin is web responsive

The Hoozin Social Intranet is web responsive and the landing page is highly flexible in design and set up. Beauty matters and the Hoozin Social Intranet and Collaboration clicks that box.


Hoozin is SOX compliant (including Disaster Recovery) If Cloud, Azure will handle geographical Disaster Recovery. If on premises, an in house disaster recovery process would need to be established. This MUST be a geographical data recovery process to be SOX compliant. It must include all past actions, even if a  user deleted this action, it should still be traceable in case of a federal search.


‘’The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.  It was adopted on 27 April 2016. It becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018.’’ Hoozin  is fully compliant with GDPR. For our Azure  based  customers we will continue to support client-to-server and server-to-server communication via SSL. On top of Microsoft Azure compliance, we offer enforcement of database file encryption where needed.

Cloud certifications supported are:

  • MTCS Tier 3 (Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard) Compliant
  • ISO 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls) Compliant
  • ISO 27018 (Personal Data Protection Controls) Compliant
  • CSA STAR (Cloud Security Alliance Controls) Compliant
  • ISO27001 Certification Compliant
  • SSAE16 SOC Type 1 -2 Compliant