Preparing for Digital Workplace. What role for Office 365?

The other day we had a meeting with a large bank. They needed help to overcome the challenges around defining their future Digital Workplace.

This large bank had actually a 3 dimensional challenge: 1: Quickly deal with the ‘old intranet’, which has now turned into some urgent problem. 2: Think and prepare a road map for Digital Workplace for the near future. 3: Get Office 365 somehow to work, avoiding poor adoption.

Through a deep dive workshop we all agreed that productivity and Digital Workplace have the end user as the center of the universe, not Office 365. The Office 365 Platform is one of the critical pieces of the overall Apps that end users consume, like SAP, People Soft, Tableau, Qlik sense, etc. etc. We agreed that Collaboration is a user centric Project, not an IT Project. It was great to see that looking at the Project from this angle, it opened new opportunities.

We profiled Office 365 as any other App. Except that we split them up in ‘sub Apps’ such as email, Calendar, Skype for Business, One Drive, Power BI. From there we try to find ways to get the adoption to take off, in the context of a Digital Workplace. In other words, in the context of each individual employee… So we treat the Office 365 blocks as we would for SAP, BOT, RSS feed or old school Intranet news. We did not prioritize any application by cost or legacy. We did not do that because the end user does not care. People become happy when they see in one single Dashboard what they need, enveloped by one single Collaboration experience. All web responsive, with one single log in.

User experience, one single entry point and a future proof platform were the key topics on the agenda for this Customer.

We managed to put a true Digital Workplace in place, that can transition with future Business requirements. Office 365 was rated from an end user requirements point of view. Like this we found its most optimized position and role to benefit end user adoption.

Knowing that lost productivity is even more expensive then the Office 365 licenses price, this customer managed to balance out the Office 365 importance in context of other Apps out there. Of course the Customer kept the eye on what mattered most; its employees requirements.

Another happy Hoozin Customer!

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