Make Office 365 a part of your Digital Workplace Strategy

Office 365 is becoming more and more the standard. But it seems Microsoft is making a course correction towards their model. There is now a strong shift from Office 365 Licenses sales to Office 365 consumption…

We can be very short and direct around the problem statement: Office 365 has a poor adoption rate out of the box, and needs a bit of help around employee engagement.

What to do?

There are many solutions out there that work on a template basis. This basically means the windows Office 365 end user experience remains relatively fractionated and the Business logic of Office 365 collaboration remains the same. When using a template you will, at best, be successful in ‘de-uglying’ Office 365. In this article I wish to emphasize the difference between ‘de-uglying’ Office 365 and putting in place a true solution that will run adoption for the long run. Digital transformation that is future proof and not depending on only your Office 365 investment.

From an integration perspective, let’s agree that Office 365 is just another application such as SAP, LMS, PeopleSoft, etc. This means we must place your Office 365 investment in a smooth ecosystem with other important Business assets.

Hoozin aims at consolidating all your applications in one single experience. By treating Office 365 the same as your other IT investments you can now build a real employee engagement plan.

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