Helping legal firms through digital innovation

Litigation platform for legal firms

Provide your customers and colleagues a true litigation platform

Managing legal files through email is hardship for legal firms. The number of emails are growing and frustration with it. Collaborating among colleagues and Customers becomes an increased burden.

Give each of your customers a virtual collaboration space.

The hoozin Platform will offer you the capability to provide ‘personal spaces’, tailor made to each of your Customer requirements. Manage litigation, documents, meetings and next steps through one single unified experience.

Document management, versioning, search and process management, now readily managed per customer.

Hoozin Dashboard for Legal Firms

Get immediately all the features you need to professionalize your collaboration with your customers. Boost your corporate reputation through digital innovation.

Dashboard for Legal Firms
Hoozin document management for legal firms

The hoozin doc Management app enables Customer communities to collaborate on documents and web content, providing a shared space to upload, view, edit, and add tags to files, which can be organized in folders. These can be documents (e.g. .docx Word files) or dynamic .aspx web pages. Hoozin Legal Doc Management also provides approval, versioning, and role management features and settings. The home screen shows the folders and lets you upload files, create folders, and create pages. The ultimate document management process between legal firms and their customers.

Integration platform for legal firms

Have the ability to integrate Docusign, Twitter and other integrations. Create the ultimate portal for your customers to collaborate, share information and manage your billing processes.

Platform, Dashboard for Legal Firms