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Hoozin is a Digital Workplace Platform allowing organizations to run their Human Capital at a higher productivity rate and lower costs.

Digital Transformation can be a costly exercise and it is important the return on investment goals are clear.

The ultimate goal is to improve adoption and allow Business users to find the right information, the right Application always fast and easy. The associated cost savings can be roughly split in Soft and Hard dollar savings.

Hoozin business case blog


Since Hoozin excels in Workflows and BPM automation, we are able to reduce the number of workflows into more smarter processes. This reduces licenses costs, development costs and speeds up the time to market process.

Hoozin Workflows are coming complete wit a Social and Collaborative layer thanks to the framework they live in. We call these hard Dollar savings because the IT department can show in a tangible manner a reduction of IT asset management and its costs.


Increased productivity is the most important cost reduction out there, but it is also the most difficult one to measure and/or forecast. Finding and sharing information fast and efficiently is becoming a key condition for productivity.

A huge challenge is of course the adoption and usability of the solutions provided. Productivity is not only expressed in ‘doing more in less time’, but for now we use that as the example to compute a ROI on productivity increase.


An organization of 2000 employees has a yearly HR costs of 100 Million USD. Gartner claims 20% increased productivity through better collaboration, reduced bureaucratic and faster usage of processes. All the elements Hoozin stands for.

If we remain conservative, and we aim at a productivity increase of just 3% the savings would be 3 million USD per year.


No matter the savings, the Business Case and the strategic value, IT departments and BU’s do work with pre-defined budgets. To better understand where Hoozin is in the spectrum of costs, we offer here a small comparison with some commodity Software out there on the market.

hoozin business case blog

Hoozin is a solution for Office 365, Social Intranet and Digital Workplace. Hoozin is software which is great right out- of-the-box and also easily integrated with other applications. We help customers on their journey down the road from the traditional Intranet to a Digital Workplace culture, while always keeping an eye on improved collaboration.

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