Hoozin and Security

Security is a moving target. Hoozin guarantees excellent security on both user level and infrastructure level. Recently Hoozin gained two new ‘heavy security’  Customers, one in Japan, one in Arizona, USA. Both cannot be named due to….security.

For our Japanese friends, an Azure instance was used to deploy Hoozin. The keywords here are Workflows, Collaboration, external users and MFA authentication. On top of that, Hoozin Software comes by default with a wide scope of security, roles and access rights.

hoozin security blog
Sample of Application Zone roles

Hoozin was submitted to ‘heavy duty’ Penetration Tests and for a few minor corrections, we passed through it clean. Our Multi Factor Authentication module for external users was also a critical part to allow non AD members in this customers Kingdom of information and collaboration. We are continuing to deploy tailor made Workflows there while modernizing the Collaboration culture.

Moving to the other side of the planet; Arizona, USA. A government instance using Hoozin to also collaborate heavily with internal and external users. By design, our customers stay away from the ‘Intranet-out-of-the-box’. Their requirements are mostly around true Digital Transformation. With Hoozin they get a Swiss knife that covers Collaboration, Digital Workplace through Widgets, Workflows, Applications, mobile and if need be, the good old Intranet. Our American government friends in Arizona were able to reduce costs, increase adoption and meet their very specified Business and Security requirements, using the Hoozin framework. Obviously they operate Hoozin on the Azure Government Platform.

hoozin security blog

Hoozin is a framework that allows IT Departments to solidify true Digital Transformation. Contact us for more information.

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