Don’t just fix a problem. Disrupt!

The concept of disruption and its enormous long-term competitive advantage is not fully clear yet. Disruption is also not entirely risk free. But let’s start at the beginning. What is the difference between innovation and disruption? With innovation you focus on improving and making better what you have. Your ‘though process’ and creativity is somehow limited to the legacy in place. Improving things is good and should be a continuous process. But disruption stands for something different, something that requires a different thought process. For us, disruption means ‘’ Building processes and things that make the old one’s obsolete’’. Obviously, making old processes and things obsolete will always create resistance. So, coming up with a great idea is half the job, the other on is making sure your inner circle accepts the idea and sees the benefits. Let’s call that the ‘people part of things’. Below a 4 level schematic view of the different stages of ‘Digital thought processes’.


Disruption versus innovation

What does this have to do with a Hoozin blog you must be thinking? Well, quite a lot actually.

Hoozin aims at Digital Transformation and we know the Hoozin way is pretty disruptive. But we want to help our customers to not always bring a ‘shock and awe’ transformation to their management and business users. Providing improved efficiency, improved experience and ultimately a full digital transformation is where we differentiate. To put it bluntly, Hoozin does not just ‘de-ugly’ Office 365 or provides a static Intranet. We lift entire organizations to new ways of working, always using the Hoozin Software and integration techniques as cement.


The perception of the average end user remains the ultimate criteria. It’s not just that we want to be nice to those that use the Digital Workplace. It’s pure self-preservation. It’s simple, if we do not provide a next generation Digital Workplace, users will simply not adopt it. No adoption means, by default, no increased productivity. And that, we cannot allow to happen. Design is a key element in every Digital Transformation ‘thought process’. Using smart pilot methodologies, Hoozin can assist in building a true Digital Transformation process. Using an ecosystem of Widgets in terms of design, allows building agile workspaces for your entire Business or for sub Business units.

Digital Workplace

‘People part of things’

Knowing what your Business needs and building a smart change management process can never be seen apart form your Digital Workplace solution. Buying any licenses without plotting at least the minimum expectation from your Business stakeholders would be a fundamental mistake.

People are part of things

Hoozin works with organizations to plot the right setup for change. Applying layers of knowledge transfer and organizing smart ‘workshops’ are a few of the basic services we provide. Digital Champions, Digital Ninja’s, merchandise and theme (not team!) building is key.


Hoozin provides a roadmap of Digital Transformation, binding all your processes into one single experience. We serve our customers with Consulting, Software and an excellent delivery process. Hoozin offers turn key software that is compatible with your ever changing Business requirements.

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