Digital Transformation

The future of work is changing

Hoozin Software aligns to the mission of Digital Transformation. But what are the main areas that will get impacted in the years ahead of us? Just deploying new intranets or putting layers on Office 365 is not in scope when we talk about making fundamental Digital changes. Why are these Digital changes so important? What […]

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Hoozin in South Africa

Last week Hoozin signed a Partner Agreement with EOH South Africa. At Hoozin we are determined to get an important footprint into the South African market. We believe that global diversification improves Customer retention, boosts new ideas and contributes to product development for all our Customers over the globe. Besides, the financial industry together with […]

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Hoozin and Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is subject to change. Knowledge is slipping out of those un-agile containers called folders. In the world of Hoozin, we make a distinction between 2 types of Knowledge Management. These are primarily: Hoozin Knowledge Management (KM) and Digital Asset Management is one of the many use cases Hoozin fulfills. The evolution of Knowledge […]

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