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What are some new trends in Intranet and Digital Workplace?

Why Your Company Needs to Use Application Rationalization

Application rationalization, which is sometimes referred to as application portfolio rationalization, helps organizations to streamline their existing application portfolio to improve efficiency and lower costs. What is Application Rationalization? Who Should Use Application Rationalization Within Their Organization? What are the Benefits of Application Rationalization? Application Rationalization Tools The Application Rationalization Framework Challenges You May Face […]

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How Hoozin revolutionizes the extranet

The Hoozin extranet has become a key collaboration portal for numerous Fortune 500 companies. But what is an extranet and why build an entire strategy around it? While an intranet connects employees inside an organization, an extranet connects employees to external parties. These external parties can be key customers, suppliers or distributors. The extranet creates customer loyalty […]

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It’s all about integration….with Hoozin.

Hoozin was always known for its innovative approach on collaboration. By working on a community based approach, the productivity and adoption becomes tangible. Clearly, knowledge management can only become real with a community based solution. But Hoozin has always had a vision on Digital Workplace. Overtime Hoozin wanted to connect all Digital Assets into one […]

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Migrating away from Jive? Come to Hoozin

Has the time finally come where your organization is thinking that it is time to move away from Jive Software?  Are rumors floating that perhaps renewing your Jive Software is not the given it once was?  Hoozin is an evolutionary leap forward from Jive Software. It is the next evolution in collaboration, cost reduction, and […]

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Why is a stream so important these days?

Hoozin offers an out-of-the-box collaboration engine that improves productivity with its collaborative intranet and social communities. The community experience is further enhanced with many great collaboration applications that can be easily plugged in from the Hoozin App catalog. Hoozin’s collaboration software has two families of landing pages: Hoozin Intranet and Hoozin Digital Workplace. With Hoozin […]

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Back from Microsoft SharePoint NA – Las Vegas, NV

The Hoozin team visited the Microsoft SharePoint NA conference in Las Vegas last week. There were about 2500 attendees with lots of sessions and an active sponsor area. It was really interesting to see the dynamics and hype around Office 365 and how it has evolved. So far there has been about a 70% adoption […]

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A call to our Hoozin Partners

Hoozin works more and more with Partners to achieve faster and more complete Customer satisfaction. Our recent Customer wins came from Partners that sponsor the Hoozin concept and know better then us the Customer pain and requirements. Hoozin was working with Partners a bit on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. That was ok until it got […]

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Digital Workplace now really taking off

Here at Hoozin we see the Digital Workplace entering the minds of more and more organizations. But there is still confusion around Digital Workplace. Is it just about consolidating corporate Application assets? Not really. The Digital Workplace is an opportunity to connect all your past IT investments with all your future IT investments. Finally a […]

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Preparing for Digital Workplace. What role for Office 365?

The other day we had a meeting with a large bank. They needed help to overcome the challenges around defining their future Digital Workplace. This large bank had actually a 3 dimensional challenge: 1: Quickly deal with the ‘old intranet’, which has now turned into some urgent problem. 2: Think and prepare a road map […]

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