Boost workplace productivity and make your organization even more agile. It’s time to connect the dots between Intranet, Digital Workplace and Office 365. Where do you want to start?

Integrate collaboration and business applications for your digital workforce.

Boost workplace productivity and make your organization even more agile. It’s time to connect the dots between IntranetDigital Workplace and Office 365. Where do you want to start?

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Out of the box - Office 365

Office 365

Employee engagement and user
adoption starts here

Out of the box - Intranet


Transform communication with a
high impact collaborative Intranet

Out of the box - Digital Workplace


Digital Workplace with application
integration and Single Sign On

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Office 365 is now easy to use and visually appealing

Office 365 implementationIntegrate Hoozin with Office 365. Deliver a positive experience to your end users while optimizing the Office 365 investment. Boost adoption and employee engagement with a great Office 365 user experience.  Integrate Office 365 mail and calendar directly into your Intranet landing page.


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Social Intranet - small icon

Revamp your Intranet while building the collaboration of the future

Social Intranet responsive exampleIf your Intranet needs an innovation overhaul Hoozin is the perfect solution to ensure great user experience, fast delivery, and cost effective results. Your business users will love the Hoozin design for its ease of use, rich functionalities and collaboration options. Hoozin comes complete with a CMS that managers and content contributors will love to use. All the social and collaboration features are included out-of-the box.

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Digital Workplace - small icon

Deliver a true Digital Workplace. Integrate your application ecosystem into an integrated custom landing page.

Digital Workplace responsive exampleYour digital transformation strategy starts here. Hoozin Digital Workplace can help you harvest all the critical digital assets you have today and consolidate these assets into one smart collaboration stack. Boost application consumption, improve collaboration, make your business users happy.


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why hoozin

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Work can be done within one flavor. From a laptop to a smartphone, hoozin is optimized for every single device.

Get Office 365 to work for you

Get Office 365 to work for you

Office 365 is highly innovative but not particularly user friendly. Hoozin can transform it to something end users love!

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Take  a stroll through the Hoozin app store and leverage reusable applications.

Revamp your Intranet with a great CMS

Revamp your Intranet with a great CMS

Streamline your Apps and make your Business Processes finally Agile, use hoozin SDK to easily build powerful and shiny Apps.

Weave it in

Weave it in

Plug hoozin to your IT infrastructure whether on cloud or on-premises; you actually have a choice.

Start your Digital Workplace Strategy

Start your Digital Workplace Strategy

Say ‘yes’ when SharePoint says ‘no’. Leverage your past investments, hoozin is made on top of the SharePoint API.

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