Office 365

‘’Your existing Intranet and recent O365 deployment and future Digital Workplace all have something in common. Don’t think in terms of products, think about how to combine old, recent and future in one single flexible platform that is future proof’’.

Office 365 employee engagement and adoption

Hoozin delivers on all the needed social and collaboration features. It is web-responsive, high design and integrated with other platforms. For us, O365 is such a platform. We use SSO and API’s to build amazing-looking workplaces, often with a big focus on O365. Having a landing page that provides all the O365 features in an inviting way makes all the difference. Digital transformation needs to be applied to O365 because without it adoption will be poor. Hoozin contributes to a positive employee engagement and user adoption. For a fraction of the costs of O365, Hoozin can deliver substantial increase of employee engagement of the O365 investment.

Employee engagement

Motivating employees in the workplace is a key mission of Hoozin. O365 is quickly becoming the standard for many organizations, but engagement and adoption tend to be slow. Hoozin is able to showcase O365 in such a way that adoption and usage will take off fast. Hoozin makes O365 a fun and positive experience for the regular business user. Drive user adoption with Hoozin.

Your benefits

  • O365 becomes easy to use
  • Employee engagement takes off
  • Digital transformation becomes real
  • Hoozin offers a large variety of business processes in a store
  • Intranet features for O365
  • Your Intranet becomes the center of an evolving process

You need solutions that deal with the user interface and business logic problems. You need to go further then just ‘de-uglying’ Office 365. If you see employee engagement as an holistic challenge and not just a O365 challenge, check out our Digital Workplace page.

Our Vision

  • Make the move from on-premises to Cloud easy
  • Allow easy hybrid usage of on-premises and Cloud
  • Move from an Intranet Culture to a Digital Workplace culture in easily digestible steps
  • Hoozin offers a large variety of business processes in a store
  • Shifting focus from ‘Socializing the organization’ to ‘Socializing Applications and Business Processes’